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Understanding Student Loan Repayment Options

Understanding Student Loan Repayment Options – When students consider getting a private educational loan, many do not understand perhaps the most important thing to consider – repayment options.

Your Loan Servicer is Your Friend

Once you’ve signed the promissory note for your student loan and you’re off to the races, what’s next? Who do you turn to if you have questions about your loan?

Can I Afford My Student Loans?

When looking into college, most people talk to you about how to get the money to fund it – scholarships, federal student loans, private student loans.

The Ins and Outs of Partnering With a Co-Borrower for a Student Loan

By Paula Raven Director of Operations As you think about financing your education, this important question comes up regularly:  Do I need a co-borrower? Most student borrowers don’t know how to answer this because they don’t know how they will measure up on their own from a credit perspective and whether or not a co-borrower […]

Mind the Gap

I thought college wasn’t for me. I still remember the look in my father’s eyes as I dismissed the notion of a college degree with more ease than he would have liked. His stare, one part anger, two parts despair, bore into me as if he was going to change my mind through shear will.

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