1,000+ schools trust Meritize for student loan funding in skills-based education programs:

Healthcare • Medical Technology • Aviation • Information Technology • Industrial • Professional Services • General Education

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Benefits of Partnering with Meritize

Increase enrollment with non-traditional underwriting methods

Offer students flexible repayment options

Reduce the need for institutional lending

Address funding gaps left over from Title IV programs

Provide Meritize borrowers with access to career services

We believe that students should have the opportunity to pursue their passions and build a better future. Partnering with Meritize will enable your school to offer students a viable option for financing their education.

 We understand that a student’s past achievements are a strong indicator of potential success, and that is why we consider more than just a FICO score when evaluating student loan applications.

A partnership with Meritize will allow your school to focus on what you do best – providing quality education to your students – without the added burden of managing student loan financing.