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How Not Knowing Just Might Be The Answer

Adele Lemm | Meritize “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” – Confucius Accepting that you don’t know all of the answers is critical to both personal and career growth. Finishing an educational program is, no doubt, a relief. The thought of being “done” learning as you enter the […]

Six Easy Tips to Beat Procrastination Even If You’ve Always Struggled with Getting Things Done

Motivation is overrated; instead focus on creating an optimal environment and behaviors that stimulate progress Benton McTaggart | Career Success Coach We have all been there. We have an important task that we know we should do, but instead, we opt to do something else. We have a big exam that weighs a significant portion […]

How Our Gap in Perception Turns into a Skills Gap

Our country’s skewed perception of what defines higher education contributes to the skills gap. Adele Lemm | Meritize Skilled workers keep our electricity running, our foundation steady, our families healthy and much more. It is no secret that we rely on skills-based professions for the functionality of our society. In fact, eighty-five percent of Americans […]

Seven Tips to Becoming a Star Academic Performer in College

Going to school is like a full-time job. It requires being inside a classroom for a couple hours per day, you have tight deadlines to meet, and you must work with others to get projects done.

Surviving the Stress of College – Part Two of a Two-Part Series

In my last blog, I provided some tips on how to reduce the stress and anxiety of college, including the importance of joining a club, eating right and exercising.

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