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Six Easy Tips to Beat Procrastination Even If You’ve Always Struggled with Getting Things Done

Motivation is overrated; instead focus on creating an optimal environment and behaviors that stimulate progress Benton McTaggart | Career Success Coach We have all been there. We have an important task that we know we should do, but instead, we opt to do something else. We have a big exam that weighs a significant portion […]

How Our Gap in Perception Turns into a Skills Gap

Our country’s skewed perception of what defines higher education contributes to the skills gap. Adele Lemm | Meritize Skilled workers keep our electricity running, our foundation steady, our families healthy and much more. It is no secret that we rely on skills-based professions for the functionality of our society. In fact, eighty-five percent of Americans […]

A Guide to Diagnosing the Effectiveness of Your Job Search Part II: Doing Multiple Interviews Without a Job Offer

  In Part I of this series, we covered what to do when you are getting radio silence from your job search. That is, you are consistently applying to jobs and networking, but these efforts are not yielding any job interviews. In Part II, we focus on how to handle the challenge of getting multiple […]

A Guide to Diagnosing the Effectiveness of Your Job Search Part I: Not Getting Enough Interviews

Have you ever wondered about the effectiveness of your current job search approach? Perhaps you’re doing multiple interviews but have yet to receive an offer. Maybe you’ve been sending out applications like crazy and all you’ve gotten so far is radio silence. You might even be at the point where you feel like you’ve tried […]

How to Ace Your Next In-Person Networking Event, Even if You Are Introverted

Effective networking is about having quality conversations Networking is the most effective way to land a job. Renowned recruiting expert Lou Adler wrote in a LinkedIn article that 85% of jobs are filled via networking. As a job seeker, this is terrific news. Networking is a process that you can have a great deal of […]

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