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Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Unlike most lenders, Meritize goes beyond just looking at your FICO score and takes into account your academic, military and even your work achievements to enhance your credit evaluation and improve your loan options. If you provide your most recent transcript from high school, college or trade school, it can only help you in getting approved for a loan, it cannot hurt you.

Having a co-borrower may improve your loan options. Because Meritize takes into account your academic, military and work achievements, you get credit for your merit and could be approved without a co-borrower.

Meritize pre-approves our school partners to ensure they meet quality criteria with a high return on investment for students. If your school is not currently a partner, just let us know here and we’ll let you know if it soon will be. You can also tell your school that becoming a Meritize partner is a no-cost, no obligation engagement that simply opens funding doors for students.

For most school partners, Meritize offers deferment payment options to allow you to focus on your education and not make payments until after you finish your training. You can also pay only the interest on your loan while in school or make full payments while in school. It’s your choice.

Meritize does not charge prepayment, early payment or extra payment fees.

Interest begins to accrue on the loan the day the money is disbursed to your school. Interest will accrue on your loan while you are in school even if you select to defer making payments until after you complete your program. Meritize calculates interest at a simple daily rate and a portion of the interest (your interest rate divided by 365) accrues every day. Learn more here

Career Success Services are available to our borrowers at no cost and provide academic coaching, job search support and on-the-job coaching to improve your performance. Learn more here.

Meritize offers borrower assistance services to help with unemployment and underemployment when it might be difficult to make payments. By engaging in our no-cost Career Success Services, you can gain forbearance on your loan and valuable career assistance to get back on your feet with your job.

  • We never sell to third parties. We practice fair lending in accordance with state and federal laws.
  • We never store your log-in, passwords or other authentications to any account you link during the application process.
  • We ask for your most recent transcript to improve your credit evaluation and loan terms. It will not be shared.
  • We may use aggregated, non-identifiable user information to track trends for data research and publishing purposes. Any information used for research and publishing purposes is completely anonymized.
  • For more information, visit our Security & Privacy page.

Call us at 833-Merit-4U (833-637-4848) or email

Call us at 833-Merit-4U (833-637-4848) or email

Call us at 833-Merit-4U (833-637-4848) or email

To accept your Merit Loan offer, simply reply back to the email you received from The subject of the email is “Congratulations from Meritize.” If you are having trouble finding this email, please check your junk/spam folders. If you have any further questions, call 833-Merit-4U (833-637-4848) or email

Meritize has a proprietary credit evaluation that takes your previous academic performance and gives you financial credit for it – even if you’re not an “A” student. We look beyond your FICO score at your academic effort by reviewing your most recent transcript – high school, college, trade school. Providing your transcript can only help you, not hurt you, giving you better loan terms to select from.

You will receive a decision on your loan 2 business days from Meritize receiving your completed application. A completed application includes your transcript and/or additional documents required or confirmation that you do not plan to include a transcript with your application. Remember that providing your transcript can only help you, it cannot hurt you.

Yes. If your loan is declined, you’ll receive an emailed notice to help you understand the reason for your denial. Once you’ve had a chance to address the issues listed on your credit report, we encourage you to reapply.

You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to apply for a Meritize loan.

If you withdraw from your school, please notify us as soon as possible by calling 833-Merit-4U (833-637-4848) or emailing

Scratch is our loan service partner. You will manage and pay your loan through Scratch and can login at

If possible, please submit your transcript with your online application. If you have already applied and did not include your transcript, please send it to

You can submit a foreign transcript as long as it is translated into English with a detailed description of classes and grades.

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