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  • Earn a debt-free career
  • Get paid to train
  • Gain a skill for life
  • Get on a direct path to employment

Meritize SkillsBuildingTM Training

You can train as a welder, diesel tech, machinist and other in-demand jobs that employers are hiring for today.

If you're ready to learn a new skill and prove yourself on the job, you can earn a debt-free career and get paid while you train. Classes are starting monthly, so act now to put your career on the fast track.

It's surprisingly simple

  • You train and get paid during your training
  • Meritize places you with an employer
  • Your training is fully funded by your employer as long as you successfully complete your training and meet employer requirements

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What Our Students Say

"This is the best possible thing that I could ever think of doing, and I really appreciate the people bringing me in and believing in me enough to give me a chance. Being a diesel mechanic is gonna open up numerous doors for me because there are over 200,000 jobs still waiting and open for diesel mechanics."
~ Ray