Career Success Fund

A Unique Partnership with Unique Benefits

The Career Success Fund is an alliance between Meritize and its partner schools in which schools participate in their students’ investment in education. The Fund provides loan default protection and covers the cost of Career Success Services so that students benefit from robust career planning services. They succeed, Meritize succeeds and schools succeed.

Sharing in the Investment
Sharing in the Success

With the Career Success Fund, a portion of each student loan is protected in escrow and then released to the school as the student repays the loan. Having schools share in the investment …

  • Increases students’ ability to get a loan which increases enrollment
  • Demonstrates the schools’ commitment to ensuring financial access for all students
  • Allows schools to be at the forefront of a new trend in student lending
  • Decreases loan default risk which improves loan offerings
  • Gives schools a powerful recruitment tool and marketing advantage with the message of sharing in their students’ investment and success
  • Provides schools with a competitive advantage to increase enrollment and improve post-graduation outcomes

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