Five Time Management Tips to Take Control of Your Schedule

Time management tips from Meritize to improve your productivity at work

Career Success is More Than Technical Training. You Need to Master Time Management to Get Ahead

Part Four in a Four-Part Series

Do you find yourself saying, “I’m so busy, and I don’t have enough time” more often than you would like? It might be time to take a look at how you’re managing your time.

Why Time Management Matters

Life is busy! But if you aren’t managing your time, you’ll never truly get ahead in your career.  A 2011 study on time management claimed better time management could enhance job performance. If you want to excel, time management is key.

In the previous posts in this series, we gave you the best ways to master communication and helped you become a problem-solving pro. In the final post in this series, we’ll give you five ways to take control of your time management.

Five Time Management Tips

1. Arm yourself with the right tools
Ensure you have the tools you need to do your job. For example, if you’re a diesel technician, make sure you have the right tools to perform basic repairs and maintenance. Or if you’re in the technology space, make sure you have the right software. No matter what field you’re in, ensuring you have the proper tools to get the job done quickly and appropriately is important.

2. Prioritize
Prioritization is crucial, and it can help you avoid procrastination. Sometimes the most important thing to complete is something you don’t enjoy doing. Create your priority list according to what needs to get done instead of what you prefer doing.

3. Block time for focused work
In addition to prioritization, schedule time to get focused work done. Work in 52-minute intervals on a project or task followed by a 17-minute break. Our brains work best when we structure our workloads using this formula. While you work, focus on a single task. This allows you to accomplish more instead of spreading yourself thin attempting to multitask.

4. Schedule personal time to recharge
This may seem obvious, but sometimes when you’re busy, you forget to set aside time for yourself. Give yourself time to rest and relax, even if it’s just 30 minutes a day doing something you enjoy. Doing so will recharge your batteries so you have more energy to be successful when you work.

5. Review your day
At the end of your day, examine how much time you spent on various tasks. Taking an honest look at where you’re spending your time will allow you to make changes going forward.

These five time management tips will help you take control of your day and tackle tasks in the effectively. How have you successfully managed your time lately?