Employment Training Loans

Funding Skills-Based Education That Leads to Lifelong Careers

At Meritize, we’re helping redefine “higher education” to meet the growing demand in skills-based careers. Technology advancements and the expansion of jobs that require specialized training are changing the dynamic of higher education. Meritize offers merit-based financing to help individuals learn a craft and create a career.

Because Higher Education Should Lead to Higher Employment

Meritize offers a variety of financing options for career-based training that open doors for those wanting to pursue customized, job-specific education. Offering a direct path to employment, better employment, or even providing advanced training for existing employment, career-based training provides students with highly specialized skills for in-demand jobs.

Underwater welder. Pharmacist. Computer coder. These careers, and hundreds like them, require upfront and ongoing specialized training that meets customized requirements. For those who know where they’re headed, a Meritize Employment Training Loan can help them get there. And when they arrive, their successful career has already started.

Meritize Employment Training Loans Are a Shared Investment for the Employee and the Employer that…

  • Covers the cost of training for the employee and employer, alleviating up-front costs of the program and increasing employer-based training opportunities
  • Employs a merit-based approach to lending that rewards both the employee and employer for academic and professional success
  • Offers mutually beneficial incentives for employer and employee, increasing access to training and promoting loyalty through retention


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“Never let formal education get in the way of your learning.”

-Mark Twain