Apprenticeship Loans

Expanding Opportunities for Job Training

At Meritize, our mission is to expand career-based learning by offering merit-based financing designed to meet the changing dynamics of workplace education.

What better way to establish a foothold in one’s chosen career and gain hands-on learning for a specialized skill than with an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships Gaining and Growing

Apprenticeships have been around for centuries, allowing the apprentice a chance to learn a job while doing the job and offering the employer an opportunity to train and retain skilled employees.

Modern apprenticeships are no different and Meritize offers Apprenticeship Loans to help employers and apprentices share in the investment and increase job opportunity.

As a partnership between the apprentice and employer, a Meritize Apprenticeship Loan…

  • Covers the cost of training for employers, alleviating up-front costs of the program and increasing employer-based training opportunities
  • Employs a merit-based approach to lending that rewards the apprentice and employer for academic and professional success
  • Helps attract the best talent by providing apprentices with supplemental financial support for living expenses while they learn on-the-job
  • Provides employer and apprentice with certainty for financing job training
  • Offers mutually beneficial incentives for employer and apprentice, increasing access to training and promoting loyalty through retention

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“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

-B.B. King